"If I meet 5SOS again I need to touch Luke’s legs, Michael’s hair, Ashton’s fingers and Calum’s d**k"

5SOS read fanmail

is that my mail

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I d r o v e by all the p l a c e s we used to hang out getting w a s t e d
I thought about our last k i s s, how it felt the way you t a s t e d

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That was just like asking someone wich is his favorite scene from a movie he never watched.

He has given back/donated more for charity then you ever will in your entire life. The amount of good things you have done are literally jack shit compared to the things he has done. You are literally the crusty distatesful gum that resides on the bottom of Jusitn Bieber’s shoe. He has fucked up and he’s a very problematic person. Everyone is. But that doesn’t take away from all of the good things he’s done, and whether you choose to focus on the amount of times he’s fucked up is up to you. No matter what people think about him, he’ll always be one of the most talked about/popular people in the industry, and assholes like you are contributing to that whether you like it or not.

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so glad they included this exact like in the movie, best line in the book.

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